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1- Introduction

(This text is a machine translation of the Spanish and is subject to correction. Sorry for mistakes).

This website is built to disseminate knowledge of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.
We believe this is a branch of General Psychology insufficiently known by the general public and we need an approach to applications and possibilities today, especially the sector of children with special educational needs.
The various topics covered are grouped into three main areas interconnected but autonomous in its contents. The first, called General Area brings together practical information aimed at parents and educators with concrete contents of the evolutionary cycle of the development of children, with special attention to situations that are often of concern or frequent consultation.
The second area that we call School was created from the numerous inquiries received by teachers and / or educators concerned with techniques and strategies for behavior management in both regular education and special education. Guidelines also provide specific psychoeducational children with certain disorders or special educational needs.
In the Clinical area, which displays the different clinical disorders in child and adolescent psychology. Its characteristics, etiology, course, symptoms, treatment, etc.
The specialized area comprises more technical aspects of our work as psychologists. It explains the peculiarities of professional work in children and young people, the different techniques of assessment and intervention with a practical example. This area is intended for professional psychology students and others who wish to dig a little deeper in our field.

Efforts have been made to the content of the different subjects are rigorous but, at the same time understandable for most of the people who visit us. However, we should note that the data provided herein is for informational purposes only.
Some of the views expressed are the result of training and personal experience of the author and, therefore, may differ from other points of view.
We intend to disclose only general knowledge, to provide a first approach to query specific reason. It should be noted here, that for any problems of a psychological nature, only the relevant health professional (psychologist, pediatrician, psychiatrist ...), is entitled, after the evaluation of the case, to take appropriate decisions.

Anyway, if these pages are of some help or guidance for people sensitive to these issues, we will be satisfied.

2- Website Author

Sergi Banús Llort

Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Open University (2001).
(Collegiate C.O.P.C. 12,617).
Specializing exclusively in children and young people.
Master in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Diploma in Autism, PDD, Behavioral Disorders, ADHD, genetic syndromes and mental deficiency.
Specialist child and youth psychodiagnostic and intervention in family and school settings.
Since 2007 as a psychologist linked to various special schools in Tarragona.
Private practice in Tarragona: Cabinet Psychodiagnosis


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