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NEW: Child's Drawing

Many of these issues are not translated yet into English but can be read in the original Spanish version and translate it with google translate. We are working to provide various contents in English.
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In this area we have grouped a number of topics related to the life cycle of children and adolescents, along with some of the problems associated and usually frequent complaint by parents, educators and others.

Topic Index

A) Early Childhood

The Neonate Development of Intelligence The attachment bond

B) Special Situations

Children and divorce of parents Keys to understanding adopted children Working the bond with our children

C) Dream and fears

The insomnia Childhood fears Childhood nightmares and night terrors

D) Behavior and School

Poor school performance Child behavior problems Strategies to control children's behavior

E) Social relations

Social skills in childhood Shyness: The Shy Child Child Jealousy

F) Other topics

Evolution of children's drawings Giftedness and gifted Relaxation techniques for children
Meaning of color in children's drawings Control impulsivity in children How to motivate children to study

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